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Posted on December 15, 2022 in Casino Game by truvitacbd

Blackjack dealer Joel Coen busted in casino scheme!

A blackjack dealer at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond has been charged with conspiracy to commit theft after he was caught on video cheating the casino out of more than $5,000.

Joel Coen, a 27-year-old from Burnaby, was caught on surveillance video dealing cards to himself and other players in a way that gave him an advantage over the house. He has since been fired from his job at the casino.

Coen is due to appear in court later this month to answer to the charge.

Coen brothers caught up in blackjack dealer scam!

Coen brothers, who are known for their successful blackjack dealer scam in the 90s, have been caught up in a new blackjack dealer scam!

The brothers, who were once caught up in a blackjack dealer scam that netted them millions of dollars, have been caught up in a new scam that has cost the casino over $1.5 million!

According to reports, the brothers were caught cheating by using hidden cameras to record the dealers’ cards. They would then use this information to bet on blackjack games and win big payouts!

This latest scam is just the latest in a long line of scams that have been pulled by the Coen brothers. In fact, they have been pulling scams since the 1990s!

In 1995, they were caught using hidden cameras to cheat at blackjack games in Las Vegas casinos. This led to them being banned from all casinos in Nevada!

However, this didn’t stop them from continuing their scams. In fact, they moved on to other casinos across America and continued to cheat them out of millions of dollars!

The Coen brothers have since been caught and arrested multiple times for their various scams, but they always seem to find a way to get around the law!

This latest scam is sure to land them in jail for a long time, but it’s doubtful that it will stop them from continuing their criminal ways!

What happens when a blackjack dealer busts?

In blackjack, when the dealer busts, it means that they have gone over 21 points with their first two cards. This generally results in a losing hand for the casino, and can mean big payouts for players who are still in the game.

There are a few different things that can happen when a dealer busts. In some cases, the dealer will automatically lose, and all players at the table will get paid based on their hands. In other cases, the dealer will continue to play until all players have finished their hands. At that point, the dealer’s hand is compared to the other players’ hands to see who won. Whichever player has the best hand wins, and the dealer pays out any winning bets.

If you’re lucky enough to be at a table where the dealer busts, it’s important to know what happens next. Make sure you understand how the game is going to play out so that you can make the most of your opportunity.

What is the punishment for a blackjack dealer who busts?

If a blackjack dealer busts, they may face different punishments depending on the casino. Some casinos may suspend the dealer, while others may fire the dealer. In some cases, the casino may also fine the dealer.

Blackjack dealer Joel Coen faces sentencing for casino scam

A blackjack dealer from Minnesota who admitted to cheating a casino out of nearly $270,000 faces sentencing this week.

Joel Coen, 54, pleaded guilty in February to one count of theft by swindle for his role in the scam. He faces up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine when he is sentenced on Thursday, according to the plea agreement filed in court.

Authorities say Coen and two other former employees of a Minneapolis casino conspired to cheat the casino by altering card values as they were being dealt. The scheme went undetected for about 18 months before being discovered by casino officials.

Coen was fired from his job as a blackjack dealer after the casino discovered the scam. He later admitted to stealing $269,000 from the casino.

The two co-conspirators have not yet been charged.